Project Planning

Network9 has the resources and experience to guide you through the early planning stages of your Network Infrastructure Project.

We will walk you step-by-step through the critical decisions that will ultimately impact your facility’s long-term success.

We help you define the location and sizing of core infrastructure equipment; determine pathways and cable routes to the server zones, whether that be in-floor, over-head, or in-cabinet placement of connectivity panels; industry standards and codes, as well as current and future applications.

We engineer and execute our plan to ensure that each part of the installation meets or exceeds your standards. The diagram below highlights the major components of product design, installation, and implementation.


  • Technology Decision Processing:
    • Identification of Your Goals
    • Assessment of Your Needs
  • Pathways and Space Planning
  • Product Evaluation and Selection
  • Implementation
  • Administrative Labeling and Documentation
  • Test Results and Warranties
  • Ongoing Service and Support

We believe that we can be your partner for all things cabling related. We strive to be the finest contractor available with the most comprehensive project plans–we are the best of both worlds.

This is critical to you because you can find a good contractor, but if the job is not designed well, it is not worth your investment. In addition, if a company offers a solid project plan, but cannot execute those plans, your project will fall short of perfection.



At Network9, we believe that Quality Control and On-Time Delivery are joined at the hip. Each project, regardless of size, is reviewed by our certified Operations Manager. After review, the project is assigned to a Lead Project Manager and entered into our on-line Project Management database, where the project is broken down into logical install units. The lead project manager then assigns the install units to technicians, who update the project each day for all members of the project team to review.

Details of the project can vary by project and customer requirements, but may include scope of work, commencement dates, install unit completion percentage, overall project completion, CAD and Visio drawings, test results, key contact information, and project documents.

With the project broken down into logical install units, the process of quality control and on-time delivery becomes a manageable system that the entire project team can easily understand, providing the Lead Project Manager with the tools and ability to deliver a successful project, on time and on budget.




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