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Data Center

The data center is moving toward a true enterprise infrastructure through the single-network combination of equipment, services, and applications. Data Centers continually require more bandwidth and higher speeds to operate at maximum efficiency. While the expansion of requirements should be considered across all data center equipment options, they are crucial to physical infrastructure choices – the entire network will eventually rely on the cabling infrastructure.

Network9 specifically addresses physical infrastructure requirements to your expectations. Planning, designing, and operating mission-critical data centers is a vital part of your business. Network9 knows you are building the infrastructure on which your entire enterprise will rely and we understand the importance of quality and reliability. This infrastructure is the foundation of your business and its strength. Be sure your strong foundation includes a partnership with Network9.

We offer a comprehensive cabling solution, including:

  • Standards-based Consulting & Design
  • Extensive Industry Experience:
    • Data Center Design
    • Project Management
    • Installation
  • Professional Account Team
    • Attention to Detail
    • Trustworthy Technicians
    • Expert Craftmanship
    • Thorough Quality Control & Inspection
  • Growing Industry Leading Partner Specializing in Data Centers

With Network9 you have access to network cabling infrastructure experts. Our entire company’s efforts are directed solely to network cabling and data centers. Because our focus is narrow, we are able to provide the best customer service while maintaining the highest standard of work in the industry. Our experts work with you to design and install a comprehensive infrastructure with reliable, BICSI standards-based, high-performance cabling systems.



Network9 offers complete project design using best-in-class design principles, performed by our staff BICSI RCDD certified designer. With over 10 years of design experience, we can offer innovative solutions and show you how to get the most value from your investment. A lot of people have made this claim, but Network9 has backed it up with innovative software solutions, creative installation techniques that save time and money, and, most of all, unsurpassed organization and management of the project.

As our designer begins to prepare the initial layout for a project, you can expect to be involved on the front end of the project, to ensure that the delivered project meets not only the needs of the company, but the end-users as well. Our design team will also ensure that your infrastructure design is based on the most current industry standards (IEEE, EIA, TIA, ANSI, ISO/IEC) to guarantee your system will easily adapt to future technologies.

Network9 goes to great lengths to cover all aspects of the project; from Pathway and Space Planning to Product Selection, Implementation, Documentation, Extended Warranty, and on-going Service!



Network9 Engineers offer complete network consulting services from Network Architecture Planning & Design to thorough Documentation, Evaluation, and Optimization Services of your existing Network. Whether you need an entire Network Audit or just need to implement a new technology into your existing infrastructure, Network9 can help!

Network Architecture Planning
Are you expanding or upgrading your network, implementing new technology, or building a network from scratch? Network9 can assist you in the development of a network design and implementation plan that meets your business needs and has the flexibility to grow with your organization.

Network Infrastructure Design and Planning
Network9 offers Network Infrastructure services designed to meet your needs and provide a solid foundation for critical applications.

Network Audit
Is your network documentation accurate and up-to-date? Network9’s Network Audit is designed to document your network to any desired level of detail.

Network Diagrams
Network9 can provide detailed physical and logical Network Diagrams to facilitate network troubleshooting and implementation planning.

Network Evaluation
Are you experiencing problems that you can’t identify? Are your networked applications slow? Are you tired of hearing vendors say “It’s not our problem”? Network9 can help you identify the source of your network problems and correct them.

Network Benchmarking
How high is your network utilization? What protocols are present on your network? Which users and applications are responsible for the traffic on your network? Network9’s Network Benchmarking service provides you with an accurate picture of your network’s performance.

Network Optimization
Is your network running as efficiently as it should? Is your WAN bandwidth being eaten up by unnecessary traffic? Network9’s Network Optimization service is designed to improve your network’s efficiency.

Custom Services
Network9 can provide Custom Services tailored to meet your specific needs. Contact us for more information.



Imagine being able to “see” your Data Center, before it is built or rearranged! While Network9 has always utilized AutoCAD to provide Data Center layouts, today our software enables us to take your detailed hardware specifications and space plans and provide you with a Three Dimensional (3D) graphic of your data center before you lay the first tile!



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