Wireless Networks

Commercial In-Building Wireless Experts

Partner with Network9 to ensure reliable access to the corporate wireless and carrier cellular networks throughout your facilities. We design, install, and maintain wireless networks that will improve productivity and efficiency with superior, secure coverage. Leverage our experts to provide complete solutions for any area requiring improved wireless connectivity – corporate office spaces, remote field service centers, warehouse and distribution facilities, colleges and universities, and data centers.

Our team designs and installs WLAN and DAS systems to enhance wireless connectivity within buildings. We work with the highest quality and best wireless technologies, equipment, and manufacturers.

Plan, construct, and install your wireless network project with help from Network9.

Our Capabilities:

  • Survey and map the existing space and signal strength
  • Plan and design the correct wireless local area network (WLAN) system, and/ or distributed antenna system (DAS)
  • Physical installation of all cabling, antennas, network units, coverage units, radios, and grounding.
  • Post- installation survey and map of improved signal strength
  • Single or multi carriers, including, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T

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