Commitment to Perfection

The Network9 plan gives you a well planned, perfectly executed cabling solution every time. Included in every project plan is:

Network9’s Commitment to Perfection Availability Downtime

a perfect 9

  • 90% (1-nine) 36.5 days / year
  • 99% (2-nines) 3.65 days / year
  • 99.9% (3-nines) 8.76 hours / year
  • 99.99% (4-nines) 52 minutes / year
  • 99.999% (5-nines) 5 minutes / year

In the 18th century, the term “to the nine” or “to the nines” was used to indicate perfection or the highest standard. At Network9, we provide a network infrastructure uptime of 99.999% (5 nines) to maximize application performance and increase productivity.

Emergency Services

Our customers are our lifeblood! Your network is your lifeblood! Network9 provides guaranteed Emergency Services to contract clients to ensure that your damaged infrastructure can be repaired or replaced with little or no impact on your line of business customers! When it has be up, it has to be Network9. Call us today to determine the best plan for your emergency infrastructure support!


Guaranteed Stocking Levels

Network9 has taken the next step to ensure reliability among our key suppliers: communication! One of the most critical issues in completing projects on time and on budget is proper material delivery. Network9 has developed a supplier strategy that details critical items that must be in stock, and continually reviews the stocking levels to ensure smooth performance in project completion.

By creating a true partner out of our key suppliers, Network9 is able to accurately forecast material needs for our clients, as well as provide timely information for our suppliers. Our goal is to have stocking items on a 24 hour delivery schedule 99.999% of the time for existing customers, and 0.000% (zero) project delays due to material delivery. When it comes to material supplies, we set the same high standards that govern every aspect of our business.


Guaranteed Response SLA’s

Network9 provides guaranteed response Service Level Agreements to customers whose infrastructure has to operate at the 99.999’s. Our service agreements provide you with peace of mind that our highly trained technical staff is available to service your infrastructure requirements anytime, day or night!



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